The Trust Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that all of the schools within The Pathway Academy Trust are providing a good quality of education for our children. The Directors make strategic operational decisions for the trust, direct school improvement and are responsible for the governance, development and oversight of each of our schools.

The Board consists of experienced professionals who are well positioned to support our Executive Leadership Team and Head Teachers to develop their schools. Their combined business experience also brings added challenge and scrutiny to the hugely important role of the Board of Directors.


  • Phil Batson
  • Susan Lythgoe
  • Alan Wallaker
  • Jane Partridge-Dyer


  • Ruth Doughty
  • Nicole Caulfield
  • Jan Bennett
  • Alan Wallaker
  • Jennifer Margetson
  • Dawn Bramer
  • Mark Law
  • Andrya Norris
  • Helena Gula
  • Deepak Jayaprakash