The Trust Board

The Pathway Academy Trust (TPAT) governance arrangements are in accordance with its Articles of Association. Each school will retain a Local Governing Body (LGB) who will monitor the standards of teaching and learning and other local issues. The LGB will report back to the Board of Directors who will have overall responsibility for the standards of both schools as well as the staffing, finance and health & safety of the trust.


  • Phil Batson
  • Susan Lythgoe
  • Alan Wallaker
  • Jane Partridge-Dyer


  • Ruth Doughty
  • Nicole Caulfield
  • Jan Bennett
  • Alan Wallaker
  • Jennifer Margetson
  • Dawn Bramer
  • Mark Law
  • Andrya Norris
  • Helena Gula
  • Deepak Jayaprakash